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Myths and Legends
List of resources organized by location and/or subject about myths and legends including site reviews, encyclopedias, dictionaries, archives, offline sources, essays and commentaries, etc.

Native American Genealogy
List of resources and information about genealogy of Native Americans

The National Archives: Genealogists/Family Historians
Resources for genealogists and family historians from the Federal government

About Earth's indigenous peoples, mainly in the Americas

Internet Public Library
This site is a public service organization containing a list of resources providing information about Native Americans via search

Indigenous People
Web site dedicated to information about Indigenous People

What's New - Collection of videos related to Indigenous People
What's Unique to this Site - Collection of uniqe videos
Favorite Links - List of videos and links to several types of collected resources
Indigenous Stories - Stories of Indigenous Peoples that record events, history, and lives
Origin Links - Links to specific topics about Indigenous People
Native American Mythology - Video and information about legends and folktales
Creation/Migration/Origin Stories - Collection of stories and images
Other Stories - Collection of other stories and links
Indigenous People Webrings - List of links to webrings you can join

Yahoo Groups:
Racism Against Indigenous People - Yahoo Group about racism effecting Indigenous People
Indigenous People Literature Stories - Yahoo Group you can join for more information out Indigenous People stories
Indigenous People Literature Issues - Yahoo Group about Indigenous People issues
World Indigenous People - Yahoo Group for a network of the world's indigenous people

Yahoo Groups:
Native Truth - Yahoo Group for those who desire to know Native American history, issues, culture and people
Narco News Bulletin - Yahoo Group of online newspaper that reports on the drug war and democracy from Latin America.