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The Future: New Technologies and Research
Computers, Genetics, Nano-Technology, E Commerce, Electronic Homes et. al.
The Computer: A Leap Forward: Watts Wasker, an expert in computer systems believes that we are headed for an all digital generational divide. The current digital generation will soon clash with the next. Today, we are seeing less and less experts in the professions; instead we are dealing with professionals with expertise. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the massive amount of data and information that is being circulated. Doctors do not know sufficiently about drug interaction as hundreds of new drugs are being introduced. They simply cannot do the research while they take care of an overload of patients. In the future, doctors may simply become technicians as drug testing will be via computers. . . . (more)

Green Earth 3: Renewable Energy
Austin, Texas - Renewable energy refers to wind energy, methane capture, solar, geothermal and other clean energy sources. Energy generated from clean sources like these reduce the need to generate that same energy from dirty sources like coal or gas. . . . (more)

Green Earth 2: The Environment
Austin, Texas - The Oceans: 70% of Earth's Deterioration - While modern man has managed to pollute the land in a short period of time, the domino effect is being felt in our oceans which constitute 70% of the earth's surface. The effect is felt at home in The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California. . . (more)

Green Earth 1: Conservation/Gardening
Austin, Texas - Waste and Conservation. In a society that is out of control with waste, the time has come in the XXI century to begin to conserve, recycle and convert waste into energy. While President Obama's long awaited focus on renewable energy can operate at the national level, there is much that the average person can do to make this country clean, healthy, less wasteful and subsequently more efficient.. . . . (more)

Future Dentistry: New Tooth Growth
Austin, Texas - 12/01/09 While some people have a genetic mutation and grow three sets of teeth, for the rest of the population there is the persistent fear of having to lose your teeth as one ages. Have we progressed much in the last century?. . . . (more)

Hospitals: Health at Risk
Austin, Texas - 11/01/09 More and more these days we continue to hear about medical issues at hospital. It has been many years since the movie The Hospital with George C. Scott exposed the questionable procedures in hospitals. The following question is still valid: “Isn’t a sick person always safer in the hospital than at home? . . . (more)

Indigenous Influences: Aztec & Mayan Imagery
Austin, Texas - 10/01/09 Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas recently featured an exhibit that displayed Mexico’s indigenous past and influences. Claudia Zapata, curator of the Mexic-Arte exhibit collected artifacts dating as far back as 1500 BC The sources are from private collections from the Austin and San Antonio area as well as vast holdings from the University of Texas. . . . (more)

Answering Questions
Austin, Texas - 09/01/08 We have just completed updating our Columns regarding History, Natural Health and Language Nuances. Under Historical Bits, we began with insights into the mythology of American History with Historian and Prof. Rick Shenkman of George Mason University providing some very interesting facts that have been left out of the textbooks. . . . (more)

New Section and New Information
Austin, Texas - 08/01/08 By now you have probably perused our Educational Materials concerned with the history and culture of various cultures that have been singled out by dominant culture for reasons of religion, color or race. Most interesting is the section entitled News and Bits which consists of the following sub-headings: News, Book Reviews, Historical Bits, Natural Health, Language Nuances and our monthly Newsletter.. . . . (more)

Completion of 13 E-Books
Austin, Texas - 07/15/08 Since the publication of our first Latest News page, we have completed a total of thirteen E Books in a variety of disciplines reflecting a number of different cultures. These can be perused in the Bookstore List which includes a description of the contents, author, ISBN number, length and price. . . . (more)

Uncensored Research Revealed
Austin, Texas - 06/01/08 Eagle Feather Research Institute as an outlet for uncensored research was conceived in the nineties by Prof. Arnoldo Carlos Vento. For the previous thirty years, the research of Prof. Vento had been following a line of discovery of information that heretofore had not been allowed to be published. . . (more)