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Medical Research and the Future
DNA and Telomeres, Phthalate Research, Nano-Medicine et. al.
This year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded to three scientists who have solved a major problem in biology: how the chromosomes can be copied in a complete way during cell divisions and how they are protected against degradation. The Nobel Laureates have shown that the solution is to be found in the ends of the chromosomes – the telomeres – and in an enzyme that forms them – telomerase.. . . . (more)

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles
Phytonutrients, Gluten, Cholesterol, Ginkgo Biloba, Inflammation, Food Addiction et. al.
Zyflamend—contains to a great degree phytonutrients from Chinese Goldtread and Barberry, Baikel Skullcap and Oregano which contribute as antioxidants and the antiinflammatory response as well as strengthening the immune system. Ginger and Green Tea are associated with eicosanoid balance. Holy Basil contains ursolic acid and has detoxifying functions while HuZhang is the richest resveratrol source that promotes cardiovascular health.Tumeric is currently being investigated for possible benefits in Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, arthritis, and other biological disorders. . . . (more)

Toxins and Pollutants in the Food & Environment
Cancer, Pollutant Myths, Genetic Alteration, BPA, Phthalates et. al.
For those of us who follow a plant-based diet, this moment is truly a crossroads in history, a turning point from which we may never be able to turn back. The plant-based diet we have been following is under radical attack by a new class of foodstuffs never before seen on the planet. It is therefore incumbent upon us to truly understand the scope of this phenomenon in all its dimensions.. . . . (more)

Herbal Remedies
Aloe Family: Liliaceae Genus and species: Aloe vera Also known as: Barbados aloe, Curacao aloe Medicinal Parts: The gel from the leaves, and the yellow juice extracted from the leaves’ inner skin. Properties and Uses: Excellent first aid treatment of burns, especially if the area had been flushed with cold water immediately after the burn occurred. Also used for wounds, scalds, scrapes, and sunburn. May help prevent infection in injured skin. . . (more)

Did you know? Nutrition
Nutrition is a deeply confusing topic..Joe Schwarcz, PhD is hoping to change that …An Apple a Day: The Myths, Misconceptions and Truths About the Foods We Eat, is a comprehensive and refreshingly evenhanded look at what we know, what we think we know, what we don't know and how we can apply what we do know to our nutritional choices. Instead of giving dietary plans, Schwarcz teaches us how to think about nutrition and does so in a thoughtful, humorous and engaging manner. . . (more)