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El Hijo Prodigo: A Critical Index of XX Century Mexican ThoughtVento, Arnoldo Carlos. El Hijo Pródigo: A Critical Index of XX Century Mexican Thought (121pp.) ISBN 1-893175-00-6 Paperback. Excellent reference work for graduate students, Professors and/or general researchers covering Mexican letters and the arts of the most important literati of the XX century. “All studies of Mexican culture of the period should first consult this compendium and analysis"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.

$16.00 $24.00


Alonso S. Perales: His struggle for the rights of Mexican-AmericansSloss-Vento, Adela. Alonso S. Perales: His struggle for the rights of
(101pp) ISBN 1-893175-07-3.
Electronic reprint of book housed in various rare book collections at The University of Texas-Austin. Written by the first female Mexican-American Civil Rights Organizer of the XX century. Covers early South Texas politics and organizing efforts of Attorney Alonso S. Perales, founder of the prototype of the current LULAC organization.

$13.00 $20.00

En el Nombre del Padre y del HijoVento, Arnoldo Carlos. En el Nombre del Padre y del Hijo. (354pp.) ISBN
Historical/Magical Realism novel of the Christian Crusades and Christianity (1095- 1099 AD) in addition to other time-space realities: Biblical times, South Texas, Mexico. Historical and Philosophical Criticism. Second novel of a trilogy by author. Theme very relevant to our times.

$35.00 $53.00


Milhuas Blues and Gritos NortenosSánchez, Ricardo. Milhuas Blues and Gritos Norteños. (32 pages) ISBN
Chicano poetry by the Father of Chicano poetry. Written during his sojourn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1978. His poetry here coincides with the historic formation of Canto al Pueblo in which he had a major role. Different color pages blend with the mood of the poems.

$13.00 $20.00


The Cave of NaltzatlanVento, Arnoldo Carlos. The Cave of Naltzátlan. (143pp.) ISBN 1-893175-03-0. First English translation of La cueva de Naltzátlan, originally published by the prestigious government funded publisher Fondo de Cultura Económica in Mexico City (1987). The first of a trilogy of works by the author. Presents the Aztec version of the “Conquest”, in addition to the philosophy and cosmology of The Confederation of Anahuac. Time-space is before the arrival of the Spanish through the ensuing battles of 1521. Also has timespace in South Texas and Mexico circa 1940. Historical, Philosophical and Lyrical. Spanish version went out of print shortly after its publication.

$19.00 $28.00

El Pensamiento Chicano: Novela, Cuento, Teatro, PoesiaVento, Arnoldo Carlos. El Pensamiento Chicano: Novela, Cuento, Teatro, Poesía (887pp) ISBN 1-893175-02-2. Anthology covers four genres. Prose fiction is in Spanish. Poetry and Theater is in English and bi-lingual format. Excellent for teachers and the classroom; includes study questions for all selections. Exams are available upon request.

$39.00 $60.00


Two Worlds in Collision: Native American and Western WorldviewsVento, Arnoldo Carlos. Two Worlds in Collision: Native American and Western Worldviews. (147pp) ISBN 1-893175-05-7. Cultural and Philosophical Criticism; Contrasts the very different worldviews of these two cultures. Penetrating analysis in philosophy, culture, view of nature and its creation, prophecy, spirituality and Supreme Court cases impacting culture and Spiritual ways of the Native American.

$20.00 $30.00


1850 South Texas Society and Juan N. Cortina: A Short HistoryVento, Arnoldo Carlos. 1850 South Texas Society and Juan N. Cortina:
A Short History.
(75 pp.) ISBN 1-893175-12-X.
Cultural and Historical Criticism of XIX and XX century Texas and the Southwest. Portrays political and cultural information that has heretofore been left out of the textbooks. Rectifies label of bandit given to Cortina and documents his rebellion as a justifiable defense of the disenfranchised. Reproduces rare historical pamphlet by Attorney J.T. Canales of Brownsville, Texas.

$17.00 $26.00

The Ricardo Sanchez Reader: Critical Essays and AnthologyVento, Arnoldo Carlos. The Ricardo Sánchez Reader: Critical Essays and Anthology. (566pp) ISBN 1-893175-11-1. Linguistic, thematic and ideological poetic analysis of the father of Chicano poetry. Introduction by Emeritus Professor Luis Leal. Includes a comprehensive selection of his life’s work, unpublished poems, short stories and testimonials. Has a selected and critical bibliography in addition to a Comprehensive bibliography in three appendices. Considered rare book by the prestigious Harry Ransom Collection and Nettie Benson Collection of the University of Texas-Austin.

$33.00 $50.00

Mestizo: The History, Culture and Politics of the Mexican and ChicanoVento, Arnoldo Carlos. Mestizo: The History, Culture and Politics of the Mexican and Chicano. (384 pp) ISBN 1-893175-10-3. New and revised edition of classic work that covers history and culture from pre-Columbian times to the present. Introduces new chapter that captures the Native American Worldview and moreover, contrasts this view to the Western Greco-Roman worldview. Archival photos among twenty five photos displayed. Dispels many myths regarding Aztecs, Native Americans and Mestizos. Uncensored and objective research with insiders’ perspective.

$35.00 $55.00

La Generacion Hijo Prodigo: Renovacion y ModernidadVento, Arnoldo Carlos. La Generación Hijo Pródigo: Renovación y Modernidad. (301pp). ISBN 1-893175-13-8. Reprint and expanded version of the Critical Index of El Hijo Pródigo, one of the most important literary journals of the XX century in Mexico. It was national and international, a forum for the most important writers and artists, among them future Nobel Prize winners. Divided into two parts: Part one is a literary analysis of Mexican literary history, the journal formation and a critical assessment of its contents (Poetry, Short Story/Novel, Article/Essay, Arts, and Theater). The second parts consists of a Critical Index of the various genres including book reviews. Contains three bibliographies. In Spanish. (The English shorter version in paperback is also available)

$38.00 $45.00

Tres Civilizaciones del Mundo Medieval: Critica, analisis y cronicas de las primeras cruzadasVento, Arnoldo Carlos. Las primeras cruzadas cristianas: Breve historia de
tres civilizaciones
. (138 pp). ISBN 1-893175-09-X.
A non-romantic and realistic
historical work of the Middle Ages, the three competing worlds (European,
Byzantium and Arabic Moslem) and the Christian crusades (1095-1100).
Discusses political role of Christian and Greek Churches, Islamic society and the
religious/military armies marching to Jerusalem. Contains a historical Chronology
and Selected Bibliography. In Spanish.

$16.00 $25.00

Antologia del pensamiento mexicano: Examen comprensivo del pensamiento mexicano desde la epoca pre-Cuautemica hasta los fines del siglo XXVento, Arnoldo Carlos. Antología del pensamiento mexicano: Examen comprensivo del pensamiento mexicano desde la época pre-Cuautémica hasta los fines del siglo XX. (1,030pp) ISBN 1-893175-01-4. This anthology is the result of twenty five years of research and teaching by the author. It is vast, extensive and comprehensive as it pertains to Mexican thought and culture. From the original Aztec thought to the XX century issues of mexicanidad and identity. Penetrating reading on the formation of the Mexican, colonialism and XX century intellectual thought. Excellent for the classroom or for those interested in Mexican culture and thought. Includes study questions. Exams available upon request. In Spanish.

$49.00 $80.00

 La Cueva de NaltzatlanVento, Arnoldo Carlos. La cueva de Naltzátlan. (103 pp). ISBN 1-893175-06-5. Reprint and second edition as an E book. Originally published by the prestigious government funded publisher Fondo de Cultura Económica in Mexico City (1987). The first of a trilogy of works by the author. Presents the Aztec version of the “Conquest”, in addition to the philosophy and cosmology of the Confederation of Anahuac. Time-space is before the arrival of the Spanish through the ensuing battles of 1521. Also has time-space in South Texas and Mexico circa 1940. Historical, Philosophical and Lyrical. Spanish version went out of print shortly after its publication. Written in the style of Magical Realism with an autochthonous perspective.

$13.00 $20.00


Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Rediscovering the Sacred: From the Secular to a Post-Modern Sense of the Sacred.” (19pp) Examines Christianity as seen in the U.S. and contrasts religious views of Native Americans both from U.S. and Mexico. First appeared in special Native American journal and anthology of Wicazo Sa Review.

$11.00 $16.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Aztec Myth and Cosmology: Historical-Religious Misinterpretation and Bias.” (36pp.) Examines the major colonial myths invented by the Spanish on Aztec civilization. Shows how the Spanish projected their own medieval European world in characterizing a culture alien to theirs. Shows how the word America has nothing to do with Albericus Vespucci. First appeared in Wicazo Sa Review.

$15.00 $23.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Pre-Columbian Cultures of Mexico”. (41pp) First chapter of Mestizo: The History, Culture and Politics of the Mexican and Chicano. Covers the Classical Period: The Rise of Great Civilizations, the Post Classic Period: The Toltekah Confederation and the Post Classic Renaissance: The Confederation of Anauak. Concludes with twenty two scientific and cultural advances that set the Aztecs apart from the rest of the world.

$13.00 $20.00

Geerk, Frank. “A Red Man in the White House?” First English translation of article that appeared in an anthology entitled Poesie Zeitzschrift fur Literature and an article in Basler Magazin (Germany). Covers the background to the gathering of Native Nations at the Fort McDowell Reservation in Arizona. Has insights from Mad Bear, Crow Dog, Tigre Perez and others regarding the state and future of Native Americans.

$6.00 $10.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Native American Evolution and Cultural Worldview”. (40pp) Examines Western cultural worldview and contrasts with Native American culture; the imposition and hegemony in the Americas; cultural, historical and religious distortion in Spanish America, conflict with materialism and U.S. society and provides an autochthonous philosophical and ideological paradigm of Native American society.

$13.00 $20.00

 Photos: Conchero Danza Tradition in Chalma, MexicoPhotos: Conchero Danza Tradition in Chalma, Mexico. (16 photos total) Photos taken in the early eighties. Shows images of Maestro Segura, Capitan and Maestro of many Danza groups in the United States. Also of José Flores Peregrino (Capitán of the Austin based Danza Group), Inés Hernández Tovar and Arnoldo Carlos Vento.

$20.00 $30.00


Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Itzcuintli o Techichi: ¿Perro o pieza de resistencia culinaria?” (7pp) Insightful article showing the blunders of Spaniards regarding the naming of animal and fauna in the Americas. Of particular interest is the fallacious assumption of eating dogs by the Aztecs.

$4.00 $7.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Ricardo Sánchez: Ars Poetica.” (19pp) Critical article from The Ricardo Sánchez Reader: Critical Essays and Anthology. Examines the poetry of the father of Chicano poetry, from his early beginnings of the Pinta Period to the last, the Nascent Period. Shows his contribution to poetry and his place in literature.

$10.00 $15.00

Canales, J.T. “Juan N. Cortina: Bandit or Patriot?” (25pp) Reprint of attorney J.T. Canales’ address to the Rio Grande Historical Society and defense of Cortina.(1951) Dismisses the label of bandit as found in textbooks today. A rare pamphlet today.

$13.00 $20.00

Photos: Fort McDowell Reservation. Canto al Pueblo IVPhotos: Fort McDowell Reservation. Canto al Pueblo IV. (15 photos). Historic gathering of Native American Nations. Includes images of Tlakaelel (Aztec), Mad Bear (Mohawk Nation), Crow Dog (Lakota Nation). Others present include Ines Hernandez Tovar, Jose Flores Peregrino, Juan Tejeda, Raul Salinas, Arnoldo Carlos Vento, Frank Geerk, Philip Cassadore (Apache Nation), Walking Beaver (Pima Nation) and María E. Castro (San Salvador).

$33.00 $50.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Aztec Conchero Danza Traditon: Historic, Religious and Cultural Significance.” (14 pp). Reprint. First appeared in Wicazo Sa Review. Analysis of the Conchero Danza, a tradition that begins circa 1537 in Mexico. Shows breakdown of instruments, steps, order and symbolism. Points to its hybrid nature and accommodation but also to its hidden retention of authentic Aztec tradition. Credits Maestro Andrés Segura for proliferation of troupes in the U.S. Insights provided by José Flores Peregrino, Capitán of the Austin Conchero Danza troupe.

$6.00 $10.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Visión de las Culturas Pre-Colombinas a Través de las Fuentes de Pos-Conquista”. (19pp). Problems of early native/mestizo historians regarding interpretations and authenticity of sources. Spanish religious and cultural barriers. Edict to preserve worldview. Errors by modern researchers.

$10.00 $15.00

El Midwest Canto al Pueblo C/S. (17pp) First and original national media coverage on historic Art and Literature festival held in Milwaukee in 1977. Excellent information on origins, objectives and performances. Early photos of art and of Chicanos/as Lorna Dee Cervantes, Mario Acevedo, Alurista and Arnold Vento notwithstanding Native Americans Barney Bush and Santee Dakota John Trudell.

$10.00 $15.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Estudio Etimológico: Una perspectiva socio-lingüística e histórica del habla Chicano.” (11pp) Early work that probes into the unique argot and expression of the Chicano. Shows etymological origins of words and classifies it into four distinct languages. Also shows historical factors that are responsable for the use of certain words.

$6.00 $10.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Imágenes y Esencia del Mexicano: Mestizaje y Mexicanidad (42 pp) Detailed study into mexicanidad, the essence of being Mexican. Historical, cultural and literary analysis. Origins, early voices of protest and Spanish racism from the Visigoths to the Conquistadores. Reviews contemporary studies on mexicanidad; includes Caso, Ramos, Vasconcelos, Zea, Paz and Iturriaga.

$13.00 $20.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Significado de Aztlan: De la pre-historia al presente”. (5pp) Short creative and historical essay on the origins of the “mythical” Aztlan. Focuses on three ways one can use the concept of Aztlan.

$3.00 $5.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “El Periquillo y el Quijote”. Literary analysis. First appeared in Revista Universidad de Mexico in 1965. A comparative study between the first classic work in Spain and the first novel in Spanish America. Although censored, shows influence of the Quijote on El Periquillo Sarniento of Lizardi.

$5.00 $8.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Chicano Studies: From the Seventies to the Twenty First Century”. (13pp) Good review and analysis of questions regarding the formulation of Chicano Studies; Academic and political problems from administrators to faculty. Shows current institutional problems of society. Need for historical and cultural honesty and integrity.

$6.00 $10.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Mito y Símbolo Pre-Hispánico en la Literatura Mexicana y Chicana”. Paper presented at the MLA convention in 1979. Analysis of Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima from the perspective of pre-Columbian symbol and meaning. Early work of author regarding Aztec society. Shows tie of curandera Ultima to Indigenous past particularly as it concerns healing, a tradition with cultural and cosmological significance. Need for rectification of false mythic perceptions of the Native past.

$6.00 $10.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Contemporary Chicana Poetry: 1969-1977”. (42pp) Written in the seventies. Reveals the early works and concerns of Chicana poets. Featured are Josie Mora (Alivia Nada), Emilia López, Margarita Cota Cárdenas, Miriam Bornstein Somoza and Raquel Elizondo.

$13.00 $20.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Mas Allá de lo Fantástico: El realismo mágico, su definición y realidad en la literatura mexicana”. (12pp) Paper presented in Havana, Cuba. Background and origin of Magical Realism in art and literature. Examines artists Rousseau, Giorgio de Chirico and exemplary Magic Realist authors María Luisa Bombal, Agustín Yáñez, Elena Garro and Juan José Arreola. Reveals Magic Realism existed before post-expressionistic european art movement.

$6.00 $10.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Sangre y Amor: Tradición y libertad en Redil de Ovejas”. (17pp) In Vicente Leñero’s novel, there is the medieval legacy present in modern day Mexico City. Author probes into the conscience of the clergy (as did Yáñez in Al filo del Agua) in all of its hypocrisy, frustration and guilt between the Church and it parishoners.

$10.00 $15.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Origin and Significance of Canto al Pueblo: Image, Symbol and Identity of an Aesthetic Movement”. (14pp) Reviews historic gathering of artists and writers in the first Canto al Pueblo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1977). Shows tie and distinction between Flor y Canto and Canto al Pueblo, problems of Chicanos, goals and development. Written by one of the founders of Canto al Pueblo.

$6.00 $10.00

Vento, Arnoldo Carlos. “Mitos, corrupciones históricas y la problemática de la fuentes de pos-conquista”. (19pp) Discusses problems faced by early native/mestizo historians regarding interpretation and authenticity. Spanish political, religious and cultural barriers. Cuautemoctzin edic in Aztec náhuatl for the preservation of Aztec worldview. Errors by XX century researchers in interpreting the Huehuetlatolli, a post-Conquest document gathered from colonial natives under the supervision of the Inquisition.

$10.00 $15.00