Number one site revealing cultural/religious myths and sterotypes of ethnic groups due to Politics, Culture, Religion or Race.

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Eagle Feather Research Institute is a non-profit service organization that provides valuable historical and cultural information relative to Native American, Spanish-Speaking Mestizo peoples as well as other cultural groups (Jewish, Gypsy, African American, Arabs, and women) that have heretofore been stereotyped due to religion, politics, gender or race. One of its principle goals is to fill the cultural and historical gaps of information that exist in textbooks, movies and education with the expressed purpose of eliminating stereotypes, erroneous and damaging information. In an ever shrinking globe, it is of foremost importance to create a positive view of the aforementioned groups and unquestionably propitious to accentuate the positive contributions of their past as a people in the making of a Nation. It is only through a true understanding and a rectification of cultural and historical error that we can learn to live together in harmony and peace as we begin the XXI century.

Eagle Feather Research Institute was officially recognized by the Secretary of State of Texas in October, 24, 2001. Since, organizational efforts have been underway by its Executive Officer, Dr. Arnold Carlos Vento. Currently, it enjoys the acquisition of one hundred ISBN Library of Congress numbers that are to be used for its publications. Application for Federal 501 (c) 3 was enacted February, 2002 and approved July 12, 2002.

Native American/ Hispanic/Ethnic Cultural, Historical, Philosophical Research and Information via the Website, publications in print, CD or DVD formats. Educators, Public Servants, Business and the General Public will have access to this information online or via our newsletter that will supply upcoming titles, news and events.

The Executive Officer in charge of management has been a Director of Ethnic Studies Programs in three Universities and has established himself as a scholar in various fields of study. His publications include numerous books and articles published both in the U.S. and abroad.