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Gender Stereotypes

Throughout all cultures there is a distinct division between male and female. Gender stereotypes seem to cross cultural borders.  Women all seem to have the same stereotypes associated with them particularly Western culture.  The same is true for men.  

Female Gender Stereotypes

In just about all cultures, women are seen as inferior creatures.  They are not as strong and much less intelligent than a man.  They are incapable of surviving on their own and prefer to spend their time at home cooking, cleaning and having children.  Women are also seen as kinder and gentler than a man is but much more temperamental.  Women are considered naggers, talkers, and spenders.  In addition women are expected always to look their best to make themselves desirable to man.

Male Gender Stereotypes

Like females, men are also subject to gender stereotypes that seem to cross cultures.  They are seen as stronger and more intelligent than women.  Men are the breadwinners of the family.  They are harsh and somewhat ruthless and seem pre-occupies with either making money or taking part in sexual activities.  Men expect to be waited on by their wives and expect their household to follow their rules.

The End of Gender Stereotypes

As society progresses and cultures become more exposed to each other, there is a slow movement away from stereotypes.  Today women are known to be quite independent, quite ruthless and willing to leave home to make a living.  Men are becoming less of a “king” at home are slowly taking part in the care of the children and the care of the home.  Roles are becoming shared instead of separated and societies that are far behind this gender progression are being encouraged to catch up. 

For a long time these stereotypes of males and females was practiced diligently by all cultures.  With the changes in the economic world and the emphasis society places on education and career women and men are now being forced to establish parallel roles.